Coronavirus and Hypnobirthing 

As practitioners we are currently unable to teach group or private courses in person and have switched to providing online hypnobirthing courses until current guidelines change and social distancing measures are relaxed. 


During this time I am committed to providing all clients with dedicated top quality course packages at the most affordable prices available, which I believe offer all expectant parents the best of both worlds in online course choices. For full details please click here. My online hypnobirthing course packages will also remain an option for clients who are unable to attend a group or private course when in person teaching resumes.


I am a qualified teacher in KGH, the leading brand of hypnobirthing. The KGH teacher course is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and is the training of choice for UK midwives. The parent course we teach is a full antenatal education and relaxation, labour and birth preparation course of the highest standard. You can be confident that it is well researched, well delivered and supported by the latest evidence and whether you opt for an online, group, private or refresher course, my support is ongoing for you into early motherhood. 

After every course I offer all women free and unlimited 1:1 online, phone or email sessions where you can recap course content, ask further questions, discuss any concerns and chat about anything pregnancy and birth related that you would find helpful. If you would like a FREE TASTER AND INTRODUCTION to hypnobirthing you can read the first chapter of the course book and listen to one of the relaxation MP3 tracks here.

In addition to the full 12 hour course all my group and private hypnobirthing packages include an online Align Your Baby course and a KOMU postnatal digital kit that you can complete in your own time as and when it suits you. They are both incredible resources designed to compliment and ease you through labour and early motherhood. The Align Your Baby course demonstrates and teaches a combination of rebozo, yoga and osteopathy and is highly regarded by midwives and other birth professionals in its ability to help baby into an optimal position for birth and align the pelvis to ensure you have the best chance at an easier, straight forward labour. The KOMU postnatal kit offers you 9 hours of content from midwives and other post natal experts and is designed to support you through the first 6 months of motherhood. Visit the KOMU page in the menu or click the individual images for more information.  

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To support you after the course, alongside 'The Hypnobirthing Book', CD/MP3 and course notes, you will also gain access to my members page which I set up as a 'One Stop Shop' for accessing reliable and trustworthy information and resources. It also provides you with access to KGH relaxations you would need to pay for elsewhere. Members can access;

  • ​6 additional MP3 scripts and relaxations for all births

  • editable birth preference plans

  • links to trusted journals, organisations, websites and information - I cover what these are for and how to use them during the course so you get the best benefit from them

  • free pregnancy and birth preparation resources

  • positive birth videos and stories

  • videos of hypnobirthing techniques

  • recommended book lists and a borrowing library

An overview of what hypnobirthing is, an outline of what you will learn and reviews of me and my course from recent clients are all available in the Hypnobirthing and Reviews page in the menu. The courses you can choose from are outlined in the Course Packages and Pricing page. Hypnobirths can and do happen in all settings; hospitals, homes and birth centres. They account for all births where women are fully informed and who enter labour feeling in control of, and supported and respected in, their choices and birth experience, whether or not it is entirely natural, assisted or medicalised. Benefits of hypnobirthing include reduced intervention rates, reduced use of analgesia, increased natural births and increased positive birth experiences.


About Me

I'm Jo Taylor, owner of Wonder Wombs, two time hypnobirthing mum to Aaron in 2014 and Julia in 2018, qualified teacher, full time KGH practitioner and all round advocate of women's empowerment in childbirth everywhere. I found hypnobirthing back in 2014 when I was pregnant for the first time and utterly birth phobic! The horror stories and the negative and sensationalist portrayals of birth in the media had taken their toll. I didn’t want to be another mum with another frightening, out of control birth experience. Taking a course in hypnobirthing was undoubtedly one of the best decisions of my life. I gave birth to my son feeling confident, in control and fear free.


The whole experience never left me, I maintained a keen interest in birth and my passion for positive birth and hypnobirthing led me to qualify in KGH. This made a profound difference to my knowledge, understanding, mindset and entire belief system surrounding birth. As such I changed my career path and am now dedicated to teaching full time to inform and support other women to have positive birth experiences, wherever and however they happen. Every woman absolutely deserves that!




BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies and English


Bringing birth education, information, positivity and deep confidence to pregnant women and their birth partners across Lancashire and the North West.


Group Courses:

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Private Courses:

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