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Whether you have given birth before or not it's a FACT that your body ABSOLUTELY already knows what to do. It is perfectly designed to birth, you and your body's abilities are incredible! BUT... there are many factors that can both HELP and HINDER how your mind and body REACT in labour that you need to identify and take control of. 


Once you have this knowledge you will be able to navigate every aspect of your labour feeling in control, confident and empowered. THAT'S why birth isn't something you should just try to 'wing' and also why women who hypnobirth benefit from reduced intervention rates, reduced use of analgesia, increased natural births and increased positive birth experiences. 

Hypnobirths can and do happen in all settings; hospitals, homes and birth centres. They account for all births where women are fully informed and who give birth feeling in control, supported and respected, however they welcome their babies into the world!  

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Group Courses £199

Private Courses £299

Private Online Courses £299

Streamed Online Courses £70

Private Refresher Courses £179

Where the mind leads the body follows...

Pregnancy, labour and birth are times of huge change and transformation in our lives. As women we often already feel overloaded with information, stories and advice about what having a baby is like and what we should do. As we continue our pregnancies it can start to feel overwhelming!


A happy, healthy and well informed outlook on all things pregnancy and birth related will go a long way in helping you have a positive experience and enter motherhood feeling strong, confident and capable.

My course options suit most budgets, schedules and lifestyles.
Our training and courses are accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.
My free and ongoing one to one support is included with every course booked.
We keep updated with the research and have the latest evidence to hand to help inform you.
All expectant parents can access my members page full of additional birth prep materials.
All courses are priced per couple. Any birth partner is welcome and encouraged to attend with you.
KGHypnobirthing is recognised in increasing natural birth rates and positive birth outcomes.
KGHypnobirthing is recognised in reducing the need for analgesia and reducing interventions. 

Wonder Wombs Hypnobirthing

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