About Me

I'm Jo Taylor, KGHypnobirthing Teacher and a mum of two. Find out how I can support you and read a selection of testimonials from some of my lovely past parents below!

I found hypnobirthing back in 2014 when I was 34, pregnant for the first time and very birth phobic!. Taking a course in hypnobirthing was one of the best decisions I made. It totally changed my mindset, understanding and belief system in many ways. I gave birth to my son feeling confident, in control and fear free. In 2018 I became pregnant with my daughter and she came to join our family in much the same way.


In both pregnancies I faced quite a bit of adversity and negativity from some health care providers and found myself challenging things I was told and holding my ground when I needed to. If I hadn't had the knowledge hypnobirthing and my own research had given me I may have ended up agreeing to non evidence based decisions that I wasn't comfortable with and weren't medically necessary. It was a huge wake up call and an experience that I know, having supported expectant parents, I'm not alone in.  

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Replacing fear based thinking with logic, self belief and women centred support is the fastest way we can empower ourselves to make the choices and decisions that are personally right for us. Having this confidence and evidence based information to hand is what helps us to choose personalised over standardised maternity care and what leads to the healthiest and most positive birth experiences overall.


On a professional level I unreservedly support all pregnant women and their birth partners to make informed decisions that are right for them and help them learn how to get personalised care within our maternity system.

On a personal level, I fully believe in and advocate for home birth. My own two children were born at home. The most recent evidence published in The Lancet (2019) concluded that home is equally as safe for babies of low risk mothers (including first time mums) as birth centres and hospitals.


Research published in The Lancet (2020) concluded home to be the safest place for all low risk mothers to be. This research evidence surprises many people and is helping women who would ultimately like a home birth to do just that. You can read these papers for yourself via the links in my blog "Is Home Birth Safe?".


"Jo is fantastic! She made me and my husband feel very welcome and at ease. As first time parents

we felt a lot of apprehension about birth. The course has really helped my husband feel confident in

his role to guide me through labour. We both left the course feeling empowered and in control of

our birth journey and are actually looking forward to it now which I never expected! Thanks so much Jo!:-D"


I came to Jo for a Hypnobirthing refresher with my second child after already experiencing first hand the huge benefits of Hypnobirth with my first child 5 years ago. Jo was absolutely brilliant. She expertly guided me through the KG Hypnobirthing course and helped reassure my partner and I with any concerns or anxieties we had. She was a constant support at every stage of my pregnancy providing help and advice when I was first told my baby was breech and then later back to back. I practised the relaxation scripts she provided me with and listened to the app every night. I used the techniques we practised together throughout my labour and my second daughter was again born quickly and without the need for any pain relief or intervention. I can’t praise Jo or Hypnobirthing enough and would encourage anyone to give it a go.


Unfortunately (I first thought) I didn't get my home birth and had to be induced due to my waters breaking without contractions at 39 weeks. If I hadn't taken part in Jo's classes I would have panicked and become overwhelmed, instead, I practiced the breathing techniques and positive affirmations I had learnt which really helped me in keeping positive and excited to meet baby. My partner Nick, also knew exactly how to support me in the process as he had attended the classes and done the practice with me. The birth of our little girl resulted in a c-section as I couldn't get past 3cm and her heart rate started to drop. Throughout the whole experience, I never once felt scared or worried, I kept on breathing and listening to the hypnobirthing scripts and although the birth wasn't how I had hoped, it was a really positive and amazing experience and Jo had a huge part to play in this. Hypnobirthing has a strong link to natural births, however, hypnobirthing can have a huge positive impact on any birth and I will definitely be revisting the practices in future pregnancies! Thank you so much Jo for helping us see the positives and joy that birth can be whichever way it goes! 


My husband and I joined Jo's hypnobirthing course whilst expecting our third baby, after a bad experience with a previous birth. There is so much to be gained from attending this course whether you are expecting baby number 1 or subsequent babies! I feel extremely confident now instead of feeling anxious, and we are looking forward to the birth of our baby. I also feel empowered to make choices that are right for us, rather than believing there is only one course of action. We know so much more now about the choices available to us, and how to make decisions that are right for us. Jo made us feel at ease from the moment we arrived and the surroundings and environment were just right. I highly recommend this course to all mums and dads to be.


"Couldn't recommend Jo's hypnobirthing course enough. Has changed my perspective on childbirth. She gave us lots of information about choices and how to support your partner during labour. I am now confident that I can relay our wishes during birth so my partner can stay focused and relaxed."


“Thank you Jo for this weekend, feeling much more positive about the birth now and we will be able to use so much from the course. I feel like I learnt more this weekend than in any midwife or antenatal classes so thank you very much for all your help and knowledge."


"When you are pregnant you hear all sorts of stories about labour and birth, and I had heard about two friends of friends who had very positive labours and births through hypobirthing so I decided to register for the course to get some more information with the goal to be more informed to enable me to make a more informed choice about my own birthing plans and whether I wanted to use Hypnobirthing or not. Jo's Wonder Wombs Hypnobirthing course surprised me and as a result of the course I feel like both myself and my partner are more equipped to manage the stages of labour and birth and I no longer feel scared and afraid of labour and want to approach it positively with my partner playing an active key role. The book, audios, scripts videos and parent notes are a great learning aid, that I will be using and practicing at home before my labour. The course has provided both my partner and I with new perspective on pregnancy and labour and it was an enjoyable weekend in a relaxed atmosphere. Highly recommended."


Really worthwhile, very informative would definitely recommend to any couple who are expecting!


We would highly recommend Jo after attending a full day hypnobirthing course ahead of the birth of our second child. She made us feel very relaxed and calm by providing appropriate skills and knowledge and access to lots of useful resources. The course was informal and provided an opportunity to meet other parents to be and ask questions. Thank you.