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1 Day Course £99

Join me and a small group of other expectant mums on a 1 day hypnobirthing course in a relaxed, friendly and supportive atmosphere. 

Your birth partner (often dad but not always) is welcome and encouraged to attend with you and is included in the price.

Register your interest. I will then offer you a selection of dates and reserve your place depending on when in your pregnancy you would like to attend.  Any time from 20 weeks is ideal. 1 day courses always run on either a Saturday or Sunday.


You will learn;

  • What hypnobirthing is and how and why it works

  • Fear release and mind and body preparation

  • Hypnobirthing relaxations and techniques for labour

  • The role of the father/birth partner

  • What happens in every stage of labour, how to work with your baby and body and prevent things that hinder it's natural process

  • Your birth choices and how to make decisions that are right for you 

  • How to get personalised care from the NHS before and during labour and birth

  • How to write a birth plan

  • How to access and use the members page of my site packed with loads of additional hypnobirthing audios and resources to support you in your birth preparation

The course includes;

  • The Hypnobirthing Book with MP3 download by Katherine Graves and course notes

  • Ongoing access to the members page of my site

  • My ongoing support after the course 

  • The option to purchase the KOMU post natal digital kit for less than market price

  • A group WhatsApp is set up after every course to offer the chance of building and maintaining new friendships and a support network

Please be assured that social distancing and hygiene measures will always be met and government guidelines regarding COVID-19 will be followed. 

Group and Private Hypnobirthing Course Packages include:


  •  The full 12 hour course, 'The Hypnobirthing Book' by Katherine Graves with relaxation CD/MP3 and course notes.

  • Visit the Hypnobirthing and Reviews page for an overview of what you will learn on the course, how it will prepare you and read testimonials of what some recent clients have said about me and my course.

  • My unlimited and dedicated ongoing support after the course into early motherhood. This can be online via Zoom or Skype, over the phone or via email. You can use this support to recap course content, ask further questions, discuss concerns and chat about anything pregnancy and birth related that you would find helpful.

  • Full ongoing access to the members area of my website which includes; 

  1. Five additional relaxation MP3's you would have to pay for elsewhere

  2. Editable birth preference plans - I offer guidance on how to approach and write these during the course

  3. Links to trusted organisations and information - I cover what these are for and how to use them during the course so you get the best benefit from them

  4. Positive birth videos and stories - these will help positive birth experiences become an intrinsic part of your own birth expectations

  5. Recommended book lists and a borrowing library

  • The KOMU postnatal digital kit. This is an incredible resource with 9 hours content from midwives and other post natal experts to inform and support you through the first six months after birth. Visit the 'KOMU' page in the menu for full details.   

The KOMU kit is designed to be completed in your own time at home as and when it suits you. I include it to compliment your hypnobirthing course and to offer you the healthiest start in mind and body for parenthood after you have welcomed your babies into the world.

Please be assured that social distancing and hygiene measures will always be met and government guidelines regarding COVID-19 will be followed. 

Group Packages £220

Attend a full 12 hour course with a small group of other expectant mums, dads and birth partners in a relaxed, friendly and supportive atmosphere. 


I set up a group WhatsApp after every course. Take the chance to connect with other like minded couples and build new friendships. 

The 2 day weekend courses take place on Saturdays and Sundays 11am-5pm.

Register Now for an upcoming date or to secure a future course.

Alternatively feel free to contact me direct with any queries. 

Private Packages £330

Benefit from the full 12 hour course taught to you and your birth partner privately in the comfort of your own home at mutually convenient times.


I offer you an initial consultation online, over the phone or via email. I am also happy to tailor the course to suit any individual needs or circumstances you may have. You can choose from 2, 3 or 4 sessions in which to complete the course.

Contact me to book. I offer flexible appointment times and discounted prices for private sessions during 'office hours' Monday- Friday 9am-5pm

Bringing birth education, information, positivity and deep confidence to pregnant women and their birth partners across Lancashire and the North West.


Hypnobirthing Courses in Lancashire

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