Does Hypnobirthing Really Work?

In short, yes! Hypnobirthing is a philosophy and technique that teaches a simple, physiological approach to birth. Designed to release fear and build confidence, it enables our bodies to produce the hormones we need in labour so that our birth muscles can work in harmony with them in order for birth to progress optimally.

I teach the course in an interactive way and welcome and encourage your participation, questions and scepticism!

Scepticism is natural, we should question things and reserve judgement until something makes sense to us. Scepticism towards positive births exists because of common misconceptions and assumptions rife in our society today that unfortunately play a part in perpetuating the cycle of fear. My course will unpick these and offer you that ‘lightbulb’ moment. Once misconceptions have been readdressed clients are very relieved and fear and uncertainty is replaced with confidence and excitement. The course sets a solid foundation to achieve an empowered positive birth to remember forever.

Learning and practising the breathing, visualisation and relaxation techniques and listening to the audios provided throughout your pregnancy fully prepares you for labour. They make a big difference to your perception of birth, as well as improve the overall experience for you, your baby and your birth partner when the time comes. Hypnobirthing also teaches and demonstrates the importance of the positive use of language throughout pregnancy and provides affirmations to encourage and help with this.

Hypnobirthing results in reduced intervention rates, reduced use of analgesia and increased natural births. It can offer you the best possible physical, mental, emotional and spiritual start to motherhood and the benefits to you and your baby are equally as valuable. Click on the book to read the first chapter and click the audio to listen to the Magic Carpet relaxation.


The Magic Carpet. A Hypnobirthing Audio Relaxation

What do my KG Hypnobirthing courses teach?


  • The physiology of childbirth, how your body works in labour and how the mind leads the body to either help or hinder your experience.

  • How the muscles of the uterus work to birth your baby during the process of labour and birth and the crucial role of hormones throughout this time.

  • All the hypnobirthing tools! Breathing techniques, relaxations, visualisations, affirmations and positive use of language are all taught to help prepare your mind for labour and birth. Information is also offered to successfully deal with negativity, toxicity and the misinformed concern of others so you can mentally stay on track for your positive birth.

  • Pelvic floor exercises, perineal massage, tension release and positioning are all taught to help prepare the body for labour and birth. 

  • The importance of the role of the birth partner. How they can support you practically, emotionally and physically. How they can prepare and practise with you during pregnancy and advocate with and for you in labour and birth.

  • The benefits of hypnobirthing for all women and all births. Home births, birth centre births, hospital births, natural births, induced and other medicalised births as well as c-sections, gentle, planned or emergency. How to hypnobirth in every location and every circumstance.

  • Your birth choices and rights. Where to birth, how to birth. Your options and what to expect. The benefits and risks of each of these options.

  • The importance of creating a birth space to feel relaxed, safe, comfortable and supported to enable you to maintain optimal hormone levels for birth. How to maintain this birth space if or when you transfer to hospital. When to transfer.

  • Natural and medicalised births. When a birth becomes medicalised and what that means. The benefits and risks.

  • How to maintain your levels of comfort in labour and your pain relief options from holistic methods to analgesia. Tension release, positioning, water, TENS, gas and air, epidural. The benefits and risks.

  • Interventions and the benefits and risks. How to make informed decisions if any are offered to you (everything is an offer!) Membrane sweep, induction, vaginal examinations, monitoring.

  • Overcoming change in pregnancy and labour, dealing with eventualities and unforeseens, breech, big baby, passing your ‘due’ date. What to do if you’re told you’re ‘not allowed’ something.

  • The various 'stages' of labour from the early stages right through to birthing the placenta and the golden hour after giving birth to your baby.

  • How to write a concise, structured birth plan for the birth you would like. How to prepare and inform yourself for any eventuality in advance so you can navigate change that may or may not occur confidently and calmly during labour.

  • Policy and procedure v’s evidence-based practise. There are many disparities between policy and procedure and evidence- based practise in maternity care. My course discusses the common reasons why these occur. An awareness of these disparities will better prepare you to seek personalised care from midwives and medical professionals that suit your individualised circumstances during pregnancy and labour.

A Postnatal Package to Support You

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Hypnobirthing Courses in Lancashire

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